Who are we?

Powerjobsøgerne is one of the country’s largest network for job seekers – and the only one that admits all job seekers regardless of their background, profession and age. Consequently, our diversity is completely unique and our perspective on job seeking is comprehensive and innovative.

The network is a non-profit organisation that is run by active and focused job seekers on a voluntary basis. Through our work in local departments, which function as branches in our organisation, we share and develop our competencies, just as we continually expand our professional network.

Powerjobsøgerne cooperates with a number of public job centres and unemployment funds in order to motivate and strengthen the members in their job search. In addition, we cooperate with a wide range of companies on finding candidates for their vacancies. We hold network meetings in the local departments two days a week. The meetings include a variety of themes and tasks that aim to develop the individual job seeker’s skills in presentation and networking.

Some background information

Powerjobsøgerne was founded by Malene Gregaard Wilsly in 2010 as a reaction to suddenly finding herself without a job. Malene needed a forum where she could network with others and stay on top professionally, and when she got the opportunity to get an education in project management, she created a forum herself. This quickly lead her to a new job, but the network continued and started to expand.

Until 2014, Powerjobsøgerne was solely run on a voluntary basis. However, there are now so many departments that it is possible to run the network as a nationwide organisation headed by a secretariat, and once again Malene Gregaard Wilsly is in charge.

Network for New Danes – Frederiksberg 2017


We have received a lot of inquiries from organisations, municipalities and individuals in which we have been asked if we could set up a network for New Danes based on the same concept as our Danish Power Job Network. We would be happy to do this.   

We believe in empowerment. The network provides a purpose for getting up in the morning, makes job search enjoyable and increases self-confidence and motivation. The participants will learn new things and become more courageous. They will learn to use their skills, will improve their profile and will be inspired by others. They will also have to take active part in reaching out to potential employers.

We have applied for and have been granted funds to set up a Power Job Network ¬for New Danes in Frederiksberg for 6 months and a facilitator will lead the network.

We would like to thank Frederiksberg Municipality for this opportunity.

We hope that we in the future will be given the opportunity to facilitate more networks for New Danes on Frederiksberg and elsewhere in Denmark.

Target group

The target group is New Danes -  immigrants, a child of immigrants (ie a second-generation) or a refugee in Denmark who can speak English and/or Danish and who have been in the country for a short, medium or a long period, and who by choice want to be a part of the job network. It could be a New Dane that need a special/ thorough introduction (re-introduction) to Danish culture and the Danish labour market, and who are not able to take part in our Danish job network www.powerjobsøgerne.dk Both languages will be used based on the need.

The work that is done in the network will, to a great extent, reflect a normal workday in company since the focus is not just on age groups and professional background. This is what our experience from our Danish network has shown us. Everyone has barriers, and it is constructive to get feedback from others on how to identify these barriers and hopefully overcome them. 
The key and the innovative approach is the voluntary participation in the network. Instead of sitting at home isolated, the network can help with setting up boundaries and structure, and provides the participant with time to gain his/her footing and to find self-assurance. The network’s focus is to make job search enjoyable and create motivation, which then will result in improved self-confidence.                 


The Power Job Network for New Danes will ensure a broader knowledge of the Danish labour market. The participants will expand and work on using their professional and social network, and they are required to contact companies and other potential employers themselves. Active participation in the network is expected, which also ensures that the participants will get to use their skills. Consequently, they will be able to access the Danish labour market faster.     

What does the activity encompass?
The network will meet once a week from 9.00-15.30, and a facilitator will lead the day’s activities. The focus will be on the elements that are also a part of the Danish network: Power Presentation, Power Inspiration and Power Work.

The network will focus on the participants’ specific skills.
The network will work on: applications, resume, the formal and the unwritten rules of the Danish labour market, entrepreneurship, bridging between cultures, the significance of participating and working as a volunteer, sector focus, network, using social media and network in the job search, body language, self-confidence, motivation, mental tools to handle the job seeking process, expressing one’s success stories, lack of skills and how to gain these etc.

The participants will contact companies to draw attention to the network and to establish an entry point to the companies. Consequently, the network and the participants will ensure that the companies have greater knowledge of the various business based offerings that exist.

The participants will also get the opportunity to introduce themselves and to rehearse their elevator pitch etc. We will work on ensuring that the participants know and understand the offers that the public sector can provide such as company internship, wage subsidy job and mentoring schemes.

Based on the needs of the network, the participants are responsible for planning the programme themselves but with help from the facilitator.

Concurrent activities

Network activities with the Danish Power Network will be arranged so that the New Danes can talk to other active and focused job seekers and become a part of the Danish network. This will also provide an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures.                 
“Fest for Fyrede” is an event for thousands of job seekers that includes presentations, workshops, meetings with companies and networking, and Powerjobsøgerne is the main organiser. The New Danes are free to participate in the planning of the event and the event itself.
Social media, LinkedIn and Facebook are important tools for networkers. They play an important part in the job search, but also in the intervening time between the network days, where everyone can help each other and link to relevant jobs and professional knowledge.
Company visits and events will be organised, since face-to-face contact often is the fastest way to a collaboration. Mentoring schemes: we will also try to find mentors for the participants on our own.

Criteria for success

We anticipate that the participants will:
• Get a broader network and learn to use their own and others’ network
• Increase the number of activities that they initiate as part of their job search
• Contact potential employers themselves – to be entrepreneur in their job search phase
• Gain a knowledge of the company based offerings available
• Gain improved professional skills
• Expand their professional network, including LinkedIn and Facebook
• Get a better understanding of their own abilities, skills and opportunities
• Feel that they are moving away from the system by their own effort, that their quality of life is better and that they have greater confidence in their own ability  to find a job.              

Location sponsored by  KIT Kirkens Integrations Tjeneste

Thank you to Frederiksberg municipality for funding and support